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Events For 6/13/2012

W4282-12 - Interpersonal Team Communication Skills for School Administrators - Revised 2010 (AA #988)

Gwen Onatolu
Center for Professional Learning, 1519 S. Grace Street (Highland & 15th Place) Lombard, IL
8:00 AM to 3:30 PM

This course provides nonjudgmental language for exploring communication styles and behavioral preferences across four primary dimensions. The content is designed to help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict and develop effective school leaders and school teams. The course materials are based on extensive field research and utilize an industry standard behavioral-based learning instrument. Specifically, the course content can help administrators and other school leaders to: Understand their own behaviors, Learn how and when to adapt their behavior, Improve communication, Promote appreciation of differences, Enhance individual and team performance, Reduce conflict.

A detailed, personalized Personal Profile Report® is provided for each administrator. The self-administered assessment will be completed by the administrator over the web or a paper copy of the instrument is available, prior to the course. The report provides a non-bias view of the administrator's communication style, behaviors tendencies and a view of how others see the individual's approach. It serves as a multilevel learning instrument. Participants will draft a communication strategy and action plan to enhance communication with an existing school team or community involvement team they support. THE PRESENTER WILL CONTACT YOU WITH A WEBSITE AND CODE FOR YOU TO COMPLETE YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSE FORM. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE ACADEMY.

L1113-12 - Gifted Education Seminar (Six Sessions) - OEDS 5143 Gifted Education Seminar

Margaret Ryan
Center for Professional Learning, 1519 S. Grace Street (Highland & 15th Place) Lombard, IL
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Gifted Education Seminar is a 45 hour course of study replacing the former Gifted Education Institute.The Illinois State Board of Education invites classroom teachers to deepen their understanding of how to teach and reach gifted and talented students. The goal of the training, "Educators will be able to create an environment to identify gifted and talented learners, address their diverse needs, and measure student growth in the classroom," will be accomplished through the exploration of topics including perspectives of gifted, knowing the gifted, curriculum models, and differentiation.

Benefit to Educators

• Receive two books:

o Achieving Excellence Educating the Gifted and Talented by Frances A. Karnes and

Kristen R. Stephens

o Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective by Bertie Kingore

• 45 CPDUs or Aurora University Credit – 3 hours of Graduate Credit (educator responsible to pay for University Credit)

• Receive a certificate of completion for the Gifted Education Seminar

Educators must bring to Training:

This training involves the use of a USB drive, so attendees must bring a laptop with a USB drive. (Limited laptops available at PDC for your use. If you cannot bring a laptop, contact Cheryl Duggan at or call 630-495-6080 and reference the Gifted Seminar.)


1. The GES involves 45 hours of training. The face-to-face training comprises 36 hours of instruction (we will be together for 39 hours, 36 of which will be training). The remaining 9 hours involve participants working on their own time with GES media. Thus, participants need to know that they will need to carve out 9 additional hours of time during the GES course to engage with the USB.

2. All participants, whether participating in the seminar for credit or for CPDUs will complete an E-journal and a project. These are due on or before May 20. That will give the instructor time to evaluate journals, projects and meet Aurora University grading deadlines.

3. A school district will be reimbursed for up to $120/day if a teacher from that district must be replaced by a substitute in order to participate in a GES